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Project-in-a-Day: Knitting a Super Bulky Hot Pink Throw

pink blanket lopi style chunky yarn knitted using MegaHooks
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How many projects are sitting on a shelf uncompleted, gathering dust; a relentless reminder of a period in a life where the creative impulse was strong, but time was short or patience was somewhat diminished?

Judging by the number of people I have spoken to about knitting who gave up on a project because it was taking too long, there is many a pair of knitting needles protruding from a bundle of yarn-cum-project, stashed away in a drawer or cupboard somewhere …never (let’s be honest here), never to be completed.

After running a few ‘One Day Project’ Workshops, where attendees would learn to knit and complete a large and useful project during the class, FAB’s MegaHooks have become a ‘Hit’.

Project Details

  • Throw/Blanket: finished size approx 58″ x 40″ (excluding fringe)
  • Yarn: 308 yards 100% wool super-bulky Lopi
  • Skill Level: Easy/beginner
  • Time to Make: 5 hours
  • Tools: 18″ or 22″ size 50 Megahooks from FAB


knit a super-thick blanket in one day using megahooks
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This ‘Pretty in Pink’ project took about 5 hours of knitting with another hour required to complete the fringe.  Blocking and setting this delicious Blanket will add a bit more time, but easily, this blanket is a one day job, start to finish and who wouldn’t want to snuggle up in this on a chilly winter’s day?

Inspired by words from our Heavenly Mother Akasha, who suggested we wrap ourselves up in a pink Throw and call to Her to enfold us in Her Heavenly Mother’s Presence for a few minutes each day, this was one time where I actually bought the yarn.  I bought yarn!  So eager was I to get this made, that cleaning, blending, spinning and dyeing fibre was not even contemplated.

Brief Video

The video is short, without fluff or preamble.  Just a quick reminder how to hold and use the MegaHooks and how to enjoy your creative essence.   And I apologize now for the low quality sound and garish colours – our new video camera has given up and gone to join the pile of defunct electronics waiting for re-purposing or recycling.

handcrafted jumbo-sized knitting needles and yarn tools
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I finish with a quick round of Angelic blessings to all those people who in some way, played a role in enabling the Llama Sanctuary to relocate to larger premises.  This video, this website and all of the knitting needles, crochet hooks, loom plans and fibre arts goodies, in fact everything we do is all to help the animals in need at The Llama Sanctuary.  I thank you.

Technical Stuff

The finished Throw measures 58 inches long by 40 inches wide (not including the fringe)

34 stitches by 62 Rows

Yarn Used:          308 yards of Super-Bulky, Lopi Style, pure wool yarn (from Knitpicks)

Knitting Needles:             One pair of 18” long, Size 50 FAB MegaHooks (that’s one inch diameter).  In actuality, 22” long MegaHooks would have been better, since it was a bit of a squeeze to get all the stitches of this exceedingly chunky Throw on an 18 inch stick!

Another alternative is to use the new Circular Mega Knitting Hooks.  Not everyone finds pleasure in knitting on a cable, but this tool reduces the risk of knocking over your cup of coffee …or glass wine when wielding those giant chunks of wood!

Bodkin: One Size 50 MegaHook Bodkin was used to hook the fringe into place.

10” Fringe each end, which is a trifle excessive in retrospect.  I should have kept to what I planned: cutting 18 inch strands, folded in half (this short video shows how to cut and add the fringe).

A few orders from people who have seen this ‘Pretty-in-Pink’, Mega-knitted Throw have inspired me to finish processing and spinning fibre required to make more of the same.  This is no ordinary Comforter!

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