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art yarns by Lynne Milsom

art for art's sake





super chunky yarn for mega knitting hand knitting

Yarn, Yarn, Great Big Yarn

Super-size knitting sticks and mega crochet hooks require BIG yarn, unless of course, you’re making a string shopping bag, and here you’ve found the perfect yarn at the perfect price.

This Chenille yarn is made from 100% polyester fiber, which means it is machine washable.  It is chunky enough to make BIG projects, but not so big that the project drowns the sofa upon which it sits!   Measuring approximately three quarters of an inch diameter, this Chenille Mega Yarn has a very soft ‘handle’ and weighs in at just over 8 ounces for twenty five yards and can happily bounce around in the tumble dryer without felting.

hand crafted mega sized knitting needles & crochet hooks

Mega Knitting & Crochet Hooks

Step into the world of super-size yarn craft with theses dual purpose, double-pointed Mega Hooks.   They serve both as knitting needles and crochet hooks.  When working on this scale, you will be grateful for the carved hooks, which make grabbing those stitches so much easier. Scale up your art with these beautiful hand-crafted tools …or just hang them on the wall.  It’s all art, after all

build your own spinning wheel core spinning on an indian head

Build-Your-Own – Downloadable Plans 

If you’re feeling awesome, build your own!  …or sweet-talk someone else into doing it.  When you’ve got creative hands you just can’t help wanting to create everything.  With these downloadable drawings and highly detailed plans, you can do just that.  FAB has developed a range of fibre processing tools, including a wool picker, an awesome tumbler for cleaning fibre, a beautiful heirloom spinning wheel head that fits onto a treadle sewing machine and a simple but versatile Salish loom.  Check out our videos that show all of these items in operation.
super warm thrummed house boots slippers

FAB-ulous Super-Warm Thrummed Slippers

All natural fibre, hard-wearing and as comfortable as a bowl of warm custard. How else can you describe these knitted house boots? Hand crafted by Lynne Milsom, these beautiful chunky slippers are made from the purest of home-grown fibre. Every penny that Fibre Arts Bootcamp receives from any of the products in store goes directly to care for the rescued llamas and alpacas in The Llama Sanctuary. Rescuing and caring for llamas is FAB’s mission and Lynne is never idle when the health and well-being of these wonderful creatures is concerned. Come, dip your feet into little pockets of heaven.

Every Penny Received by FAB goes Directly to The Llama Sanctuary

giving back to our friends who give so much to us

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