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Mega Yarn for Mega Knitting

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Affordable Super-Bulky Mega Yarn

Being advocates of natural fiber for so many years, FAB has resisted embracing synthetic fibres, but as the Borg clearly stated: ‘You will be Assimilated into a Synthetic Yarn User.  Resistance is futile’, or at least they used words to that effect.  And so, Fibre Arts Bootcamp is now supplying Mega Knitters around the world with an affordable, man-made Mega Yarn.  This super bulky, polyester yarn is a made using a technique called chenille, which means that soft tufts are spun into a core.  It may be a bit different from your typical long staple, twisted yarn, but it is very soft and bouncy, it handles nicely and does everything we have demanded of it.

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Synthetic Advantages

Measuring approximately three quarters of an inch diameter, this Chenille Mega Yarn has a very soft ‘handle’ and weighs in at just over 8 ounces for twenty five yards.  It is machine washable and can happily bounce around in the tumble dryer without felting.  I have to admit, those are some pretty significant advantages over the llama and alpaca fiber we are used to handling.

Cheap Yarn for Big Projects

Perhaps one of the most significant advantages of this Chenille Mega Yarn is the price: Just under $15 per skein is less than a quarter of the price for the equivalent natural yarn.  But the real reason FAB has added this polyester Chenille yarn to the product list is availability.  Now we have a plentiful supply of yarn to encourage all of those budding and wannabee mega-knitters.  The workshops are much more popular when the yarn is cheap and plentiful.

Ready-Wound into Balls

This beautiful yarn is available in eight popular and striking colours and is supplied hand-wound into balls at no extra cost.

Chenille was made popular with bedspreads in the 1970’s.  A few washes later and the tufts began falling out, assisted on occasion, by small children!  Thankfully, that does not happen with this Chenille yarn, which has been heat treated to prevent the tufts from being pulled out.  The ends of the yarn should be knotted to prevent fraying, but otherwise this yarn requires no special handling and is ready for work as cushions and pet beds, scarves and blankets and wherever else your imagination and skill will take you.

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