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A Beginners Guide to Knitting

With such a rise in the popularity of knitting and crochet, especially amongst the younger generation, I thought it would be a good idea to provide a series of tutorials aimed specifically at the novice.  However, just because the series is about knitting for beginners, there might well be some useful tips for the more experienced knitter.  Almost everyday, I set aside a bit of time to read and study and invariably I come away with something I didn’t knitting tutorial, mega knittingknow or had simply forgotten.  We should never stop learning!

This series is turning out to be both fun and educational for me, dredging up techniques that I was taught forty or even more …..crikey!!  ….years ago, and David is learning a great deal about knitting too.

Even browsing through old books and magazines from the 1950’s, you will find the same level of skill and interest in the yarn arts as there is today,albeit couched in, what sounds like, archaic and thoroughly sexist language:  “You should encourage yourself to plan each day in advance, ensuring to complete the cleaning tasks and preparation of  dinner for your hungry family, so that you can take at least an hour to yourself each day to enjoy knitting.”


The Beginners Guide to Crochet will follow on in good order.

The Beginners Guide to Knitting:

Casting On Part 1 ~ Lynne’s Simple Cast On

Casting On Part 2 ~ Cable Cast On

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