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Riding into town on the back of ‘Earth Day’ would ordinarily raise my hackles against the perpetrator of such practice.  However, here and now I grant myself the right to do just that, bearing one short, but important message for everyone who also waives a flag to bring more awareness to the people of our home planet:


That’s it really.  Whether you are touring yarn shops or buying a jacket, take a moment to peer inside the garment and read the content label.  If it says ‘100% wool’ give a heart felt thank you to the provider of the fiber.  Or, if it says 100% nylon, spare a thought for the ecosystem that has been destroyed forever by the placement of an oil well somewhere in the world, that has spewed forth the raw material; the crude oil from which is derived so much in our everyday lives.

If you have a choice – choose natural.

With greater choice you can also choose organic.

…and in the ideal world, you would also have the option to buy locally manufactured goods.  Less oil consumed and less destruction with each step we take.

It’s just a thought, waiting for thoughtful people to act upon it.

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