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Spinning Tutorials

I absolutely love spinning, although I’m not what you might call a ‘fine spinner.’  I spin finer yarns for projects as necessary, but it took me a little while to work out that I spin those fine yarns out of necessity, not out of enjoyment.  Spinning chunky art yarns is my calling and I really enjoy sitting down at the big Indian Head treadle machine, that you will see, features quite often on this website, and trying something new.  I also enjoy sharing the things that I discover with other people, indian head spinning wheel, spinning tutorial, treadle sewing machine spinning wheelso every now and again, David sets up the video camera and we record a session.

These are not designed to be crisp and formal tutorials; they are mostly quite informal, but at the same time I hope that you will find them informative.  A bit like friends coming together for a coffee and a spinners gig!  Beer and loud music does it for some people, but I prefer to here the birds singing, which I hope that you do to, since most of these videos feature background bird song.  Our resident Stellar’s Jays are particularly vocal as you will discover!

Spinning Videos, or more correctly ~ Videos on Spinning:

Long Draw Spinning ~ Making Thick-and-Thin Art Yarn

More Tips for Long Draw Spinning


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