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The months are zooming by and I seem to have spent so little of that time working with fibre. Winter is the time when I usually get to experiment and play with new ideas; time when I don’t feel guilty about sitting down in front of the stove (with a mug of hot chocolate) and just knitting for the love of it or trundling away at the wheel, producing yarn for a project not even contemplated. Not this year!

Much of my time has been channeled into the llamas, working with a number of them who are or have been sick or injured. Coco’s broken leg is just one case of many. I’m also exploring different healing modalities, including working with sound and tuning forks. That is an area of enormous importance for the future and one well worth considering for any ailments you may be experiencing.

One knitting project I have just completed however, is the design of a cosy slipper or ‘house boot’.

Originally, it was going to be a higher leg boot, like Mukluks, but as with most things I do, I start without any real plan and just let the project unfold of its own accord. Organic knitting or crochet.

I knitted one boot and really liked the design. Making another to match was a real stretch! I had obviously written something down incorrectly while creating the first one, because the second just would not work. I must have pulled it apart half a dozen times, before giving up and going back to the first one; pulling that apart to see how I made it.

I also forgot my own technique for thrumming and wasted yet more time ‘trying’ to get it right, before suddenly remembering that a couple of years ago, David and I created a video tutorial on thrumming. That was a fascinating experience; searching on Youtube for my own video and actually taking delight in following my own tutorial, as though a beginner. It worked! I’m usually really critical of everything I do, but for once, I actually thought it was a great tutorial.

So, the house boots are finished and both pairs have a new home with some wonderful friends who spent the Christmas holidays dealing with the kind of health challenge that would test anyone to their limits. Such a strong family, they pushed and pulled each other through it and are left with that ‘peace that passeth all understanding’ and smile for visitors that warms the soul.

I will …I promise …no, I COMMIT !! …to creating the pattern and making it available to all. Look out for a discussion about the project on Ravelry.

Blessings upon you all in this New Year!

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