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There are so many social media websites ‘out there’ that it’s not only impossible to become active in all of them, but it’s difficult to decide which ones to include and which ones to leave out.

Ravelry was a clear choice for Fibre Arts Bootcamp to join, but with so many other commitments, we have struggled to maintain consistent activity in our group.  Thanks to a dear friend and dedicated fiber artist Shelle, that has all changed.  Shelle attended our very first advertised fibre arts workshop and ….well, the photographs of her work say it all.  She has developed and honed her skills in so many directions that it’s difficult to keep up with what she’s doing.  One thing I do know is that Shelle has taken over the management of the Ravelry page for Fibre Arts Bootcamp and Llamas in the Raw Sanctuary and is already attracting attention.

For anyone who has not tried to gain popularity on a specific subject in the social media, believe me, it ain’t easy!  It requires dedication, consistency and time, so to have the energy and enthusiasm of someone whose skill surpasses my own, is awesome   ….and that’s a word I don’t use regularly!

Jump on our Ravelry activity board and catch up with our projects there.  Show us what you have been doing and share some of your own secrets.  Help us to spread the word about natural fiber and let’s show the world that knitting, crochet, spinning and all those other fibery arts are not just rocking chair, granny sports, but are creative, social and sexy!

FABinBC on ravelry, British Columbia
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Fibre Arts Bootcamp is the fund-raising arm of The Llama Sanctuary, which is dedicated to helping llamas and alpacas in need.  All funds raised through our online store, go directly to caring for the animals in the Sanctuary.

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