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When we started making Mega Hooks for knitting and crochet four years ago, we thought we were making BIG sizes; starting at half inch diameter (size 17) and stepping up in increments to the  top of the range at one inch (size 50).  However, it seemed that the bigger we made the knitting needles and crochet hooks, the bigger people wanted them!

Find out how to get hold of a pair of 18″ Size 67 Mega Hooks, as pictured.

Last year we added size 60 to our range, equating to about one and a quarter inch diameter in silky smooth maple wood, followed a few months later by a massive one and a half inch diameter (size 67).  These tools are for the serious fiber artist ….or so we thought, but we have recently been selling them to people for objets d’art.  Having a pair of four foot long knitting needles as thick as your arm is certainly a talking point, and they really are beautiful; hand polished to an extremely fine sheen, they feel exquisite.  But these chunks of wood are also functional.  You might need to consider where  you sit when wielding these knitting sticks; weighing in at over two pounds each, you definitely need some support for the ends, not to mention some space for the equally chunky yarn.

FAB’s Mega Hooks are not ordinary knitting needles.  They each have a hook carved into one end to catch the stitches; without the hooks, you will either need fingers like E.T.’s or someone to help you.

And just when we thought we had ‘gone about as big as we could go’, we are just about to introduce a truly whopping one and three-quarter inch maple Mega Hook.  You can expect to see an increase in shipping costs for these beauties, since they really are heavy!

Whether you are using Mega Hooks to leave big lacy holes in your knitted scarf or you are crocheting a two inch thick rug, big tools will add a new dimension to your craft.  It’s about time we addressed the yarn requirements for Mega Hooks, but that will have to be for another day.

To see FAB’s range of Mega Hooks visit our online store.

Finally, all of the Mega Hooks are hand crafted here at Llamas in the Raw Sanctuary and as with all products in the store, the proceeds are specifically for the care of the rescued llamas and alpacas in the sanctuary.

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