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Rag Rug Weaving on a Salish Loom

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Fibre Arts Tutorials

Rag Rug Weaving on a Salish Loom

  • 1 Getting Started
  • 2 Preparing the Fabric Strips
  • 3 Starting the Weft
  • 4 Splicing Yarn
  • 5 Changing Projects on the Loom
  • 6 Finishing Off

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Videos from The Llama Sanctuary





Rag Rug Weaving Part 1 – Getting Started
Rag Rug Weaving Part 4 – Splicing Yarn
Rag Rug Weaving Part 2 – Preparing the Fabric Strips
Rag Rug Weaving Part 5 – Changing Projects
Rag Rug Weaving Part 3 – Starting the Weft
Rag Rug Weaving Part 6  – Finishing Off
Make Your Own Salish Loom
rug weaving simple salish loom plans

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