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So, you’ve mastered your new spinning wheel and spun a beautiful alpaca/merino art yarn.  It has the right amount of texture and twist and it’s perfectly stable.  You’ve spent another couple of hours hand-dyeing the yarn and when you hang it up to dry, you stand back and feel really pleased with the result.

Now what?  You have just created a beautiful work of art, but you have no idea what you’re going to do with it!

Don’t think this is a problem unique to you.  Creating art yarns is tremendously rewarding on many levels, but you have to do something with it, otherwise it could end up joining the heap of your not-so-perfect creations.  When in need of inspiration, one of my favourite places to look is Pinterest, perhaps the fastest growing social media network of the day.

Pinterest is little more than a virtual pin board for your favourite photographs.  As soon as you have created your free Pinterest account, you can start collecting pictures.  A simple ‘Pin-It’ button on your browser allows you to grab any picture you find on the Internet and save it to a pin-board.  You can create as many pin-boards as you like, so it’s easy to categorize the photographs for future reference.

I have one board dedicated to knitting and crochet and one specifically for Mega Knitting, because I love working with big yarns and big needles:

and another for spinning & Yarn Making:

, but when I find something really special, I pin it to Fibre Arts – Creative Wow!

If you are searching for inspiration, just pop along to your Pinterest board for a look at some of the ideas you have seen and liked.  Alternatively, you can search Pinterest to see what other people have saved.  Best of all, you can upload photographs of your own work and see how many people approve of what you are doing!

If you find that someone has similar tastes to your own, you can follow that person or one of their boards and then you can easily see all of their latest pins.

Be warned though, pinning can be addictive, but if you want ideas of what to make with your fabulous art yarns or other fibre creations, this is a good place to begin.

Finally, Pinterest is also a useful place to learn new tips and techniques or to make a note of techniques that you want to come back and learn another time.  For instance you can find all of our own fiber arts videos on Pinterest here:

Browse, Pin, Share what you are doing and become inspired!

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