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What a weekend!  The Tunisian Crochet Workshop had to be cancelled in the end, since  cancellations at the very last minute would have resulted in a lonely day for someone.  Not to worry, it was a bit of a relief, since David was quite ill, nursing a fever induced by a tooth abscess.  He was still prepared to manage the catering for us all, but he was a terrifying spectacle with a bright red cheek, one scrunched eye, a widely stretched nostril and a lopsided mouth!  Eeek!

However, someone asked if they could buy the contents of the workshop as a kit.  What a great idea!  This week then, we shall make a little video and take a few photographs of how to make a soft, versatile and hardwearing mat using the Tunisian Crochet techniques we would have covered in the workshop.  We’ll put together a kit of machine washable fleece ‘yarn’ and the necessary Mega Hooks to create the mat and ship that out to those who were booked on the workshop.  The kit will also be available for everyone to buy.

The mat is over one inch thick, made from a lovely fleece fabric we used in our clothing business: gorgeous batik colours, very hard-wearing and soft.  It makes the perfect bath mat or you could use one as a thermal mat for areas where you tend to get cold feet or fold it to make a fantastic seating pad. This is like a really thick rag rug that you can just throw in the washing machine, except it’s virtually dry after spinning!

I’ll post as soon as the kit is ready.  I also publicly apologize for laughing at David’s disfigured face ……..I tell you, it was SCARY!    He is almost back to normal now and managed it quickly, using only natural healing methods.  He was terrifying enough though, to send all of the Halloween spectres running for cover!   Hahahaha…..  oops, sorry again!

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