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I have been asked by some about running a workshop for Nuno Felting (felting onto silk).  I really enjoy the process of nuno felting and the result is truly beautiful.   It is an activity best performed outside in the sunshine, with an ample supply of running water from a nearby stream or fountain.

Our principle is to use materials which we can grow naturally, without harming either the environment or the creature providing the fibre.  Silkworms can only survive in captivity.  They eat only mulberry leaves and are kept on severely restricted feeding regimes.

Over the years I was the recipient of unwanted silk scarves which had become unfashionable and this is the silk that I used.   We really look forward to being able to produce our own silk fibre which we hope to process from farming stinging nettles and then we will devote an entire weekend Bootcamp to nuno felting.

Meanwhile, if you would like to learn Nuno felting, I suggest Terri Pike:

She creates beautiful items and her time lapse video is enjoyable in its own right:


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