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I’m in paradise right now.  David has just about completed the workroom makeover and in the centre of the room stands an island fibre carding table.  Not only do I now have oodles of countertop space along the walls in which to spread out (something I do rather too well!), but the carding station is a delight.  It may not be very pretty in plywood, but it’s the perfect height and both drum carders are now bolted in place.

drum carder, electric carder
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David even made a couple of dust trays to slide under the carders to catch the tremendous amount of junk that continues to fall out of the fibre at this stage.

We’re all set then!  We can now have a group of people working around the carding station at the same time, so I feel confident we can run that long promised dyeing and fibre painting workshop, without being crowded.

Both the electric carder and the hand-cranked machine are showing off their shiny new clothing coats, which not only produces much higher quality fibre for spinning, but is ten times more efficient than the old leather-backed stuff.

Let’s get the show on the road then!

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