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 Mega Knitting Needles & Crochet Hooks

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Mega Knitting Needles & Crochet Hooks

Contact us for your special knitting needle requirements

Prices are PER NEEDLE so you can get exactly what you require

Please select your needle options carefully:

Needle with Single Crochet Hook

You can select your needle with or without a crochet hook carved in the end.  The hooks do not impede normal knitting and when using really thick yarns can be extremely useful in controlling your work.  The hooks can also be used as stand-alone crochet hooks or Tunisian Crochet (sometimes called Moroccan knitting or Afghan stitch)

Needle with Double Crochet Hook

Select this option if you need a crochet hook at both ends of the needle.  This is not only useful for Tunisian crochet, but many people are now using double hooks for a lot of their work, since the hooks make normal knitting or crochet on large knitting needles easier.

Needle without a Crochet Hook

If you prefer, you can select your needle without a hook.


The needles are sold as single items.  This enables you to select exactly what you want.

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All the knitting needles and crochet hooks on this page have been handcrafted in our own workshop.


Available with or without crochet hooks


Removable end-stoppers

Comfortable to handle

Canadian White Birch

Birch is a delightful hardwood, fast growing and abundant in Canada.  It is lighter in weight than other hardwoods, essential to consider when you are wielding BIG knitting needles for several hours!

Tung Oil Finish

Tung oil is used throughout our product range where a durable, wipe clean finish is required.  It is non-toxic and environmentally safe, being a completely natural product.

Lifetime Guarantee

All of our Mega knitting needles and crochet hooks are covered by our no-quibble lifetime guarantee!

In the very unlikely situation that a mega needle breaks, just send it back and we’ll send a replacement without charge or question.

Which Needle Length Do I Need?

Unsure which needle length you require?  The 18 inch mega knitting needle  provides adequate length for most projects, whilst remaining relatively lightweight and easy to handle.  Long needles require a lot of room!

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Note - Prices are PER NEEDLE

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