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Fresh off the Wheel

Welcome to the FABinBC Needle Store

You’ll find a lot more than knitting needles in the needle store though.  Books, yarn, batts and roving, spindles and wheels.  They’re all here or coming very soon.

In this section you’ll find the ever-increasing range of knitting needles, crochet hooks, tricot or Tunisian crochet needles, jumbo wooden sewing needles and more

The spinning section is just getting off the ground, but with some innovations in the drop spindle designs.  Take a look….

Here you’ll find a wide variety of art yarns designed and produced by Lynne.  Some of the yarns can be reproduced if you require additional quantities to complete a project.

fibre arts knitting needle store fiber arts spinning store online fiber art store fiber arts book store

My favourite books reviewed here.  Want to know which book to choose for inspiration for patterns and yarns?  Want to know more about fiber, fleece and the wonderful creatures that help clothe us?  Check out these recommendations first  …and don’t forget to send us your own recommendations too!

Handcrafted Mega Knitting Needles

Size 50 (1 inch dia.) Double pointed needles now in stock in lengths  up to 32” for those monster projects!

Size 20 & Size 35 Knitting needles & Crochet Hooks

All needle lengths now available in size 20 (5/8 inch) and size 35 (¾ inch)

New Online Store coming soon!!


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