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Llamas in the Raw Sanctuary is wholly supported by generous donations and the income from running the fibre arts workshops

Llamas & Alpacas are subject to abuse, neglect or abandonment.  Llamas in the Raw is dedicated to helping them.  May your generosity return to you one thousand fold!

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We all need inspiration, whether it comes from a walk in the forest, a trip to a gallery, a seminar or workshop or putting your feet up with a cup of coffee and a great book.

I have selected for you here what I believe are either inspirational or truly practical books, that will deepen your knowledge of spinning and the fiber arts.

Judith MacKenzie McCuin - Intentional Spinner

Judith is one of my favourites, simple, stylish and unpretentious.  

What I learned from Judith - Movement.

I love to watch her effortless style at the wheel and her fluid and harmonious movements as she manipulates the fibre are a pleasure to watch on the accompanying DVD.  If I could only have one spinning book, this would be it.

Lexi Boeger - Intertwined

This is a coffee time book.  You pick it up and flip it open to any page to find something completely original.  Great photography and chock full of inspiration.

What did I learn from Intertwined?

It changed the way I perceive things around me. Even the most mundane or seemingly useless items can be embraced in the spinners art.

Alden Amos - Big Book of Handspinning

Alden is to fiber and fiber art what, Carla Emery is to homesteading.  (Carla has compiled the hugely successful Encyclopedia of Country Living for many years).

Alden considers every little fibre preparation gizmo and yarn care knick knack, every spinning device and type of spinnable fibre and entertains the reader with their history and uses.

What did I learn from Alden?

A huge heap of information!  That’s what I got from this book.  Alden doesn’t just document boring facts though, she entertains the reader with her easy brand of humour, throughout even the dreariest topics.

A good read and a great reference book.

More book review coming soon!

If you have a book recommendation or review please let me know.  I love to have your feedback.

Ann Budd - Sock Knitting Master Class

Caution - Knitting socks can become addictive.

Once you have knitted your first pair of socks from fine alpaca fibre you will not want to stop.  You will find all kinds of excuses to knit more!

Ann Budd cleverly guides her readers through the basics of constructing a shaped sock all the way to colourful designer garments.

If we have enough Sock-fans out there we’ll have to hold a Bootcamp workshop just on footwear.  What say you?

Click on the images for prices and more information

Deborah Robson - Handspinning Rare Wools: How to Spin Them, Why We Should Care

Love it, love it, love it!

I might have learned through experience the differences between spinning one sheep and another and even thought I was knowledgeable about the different varieties of sheep, but this book knocked me down a peg or two and opened my eyes to the numerous rare breeds of sheep and the equally numerous qualities of fibre.  I’m hooked.

There’s no doubt in my mind that our new Fibre Arts in BC Centre will be looking at maintaining herds  of different heritage breeds of fibre producing animals.

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